Dr. Cesar Monarrez

All on 4 Periodontist / Implant Specialist

Dr. Cesar Monarrez
“My most important focus is to deliver dental surgeries with little or no pain” Dr. Cesar Monarrez



Years of Experience



Speaks English Fluently

Career highlights

  • Guest speaker and live implant surgery instructor
  • Graduated top of the class in periodontics
  • Master's degree in oral implantogy
  • Installed 7,000+ implants in career

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About Dr. Cesar Monarrez

Dr. Cesar is one of the most requested Periodontists in Mexico. He has installed thousands of dental implants in his career. He attributes his success to delivering pain-free surgeries and his passion for perfect results. He has a specialty in Periodontics and a Master’s Degree in Oral Implantology. He trains internationally and attends several yearly conferences in the U.S. to keep himself up-to-date with the newest techniques.

Dr. Cesar is regularly invited on dental implant courses to train other dentists from the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico.

Ask the doctor

What do patients like about you the most?

My patients are always happy because I make sure they don’t experience pain during the procedure. I make sure they are comfortable while being gentle with my hands and instruments. Furthermore, we have amazing techniques to deliver anesthesia that ensures little or no pain.

How do you determine the best treatment course for patients?

Honesty is the most important virtue I provide to patients. The All on 4 procedure is transformational for many people. But, not every patient is an ideal candidate for All on 4. Even if it’s not optimal, other dentists would do the procedure anyway for the money. I honestly guide the patients towards the best procedure for their specific case.

How would you describe your treatment philosophy?

I provide the same dedication and professionalism with each patient as if they were my family. We always follow conservative approach to eliminate errors and mistakes. The safety, well-being, and long-term success of the treatment is my top consideration when performing All on 4 and dental surgery procedures.

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