Dr. Ernesto Montoya

All on 4 Prosthodontist

Dr. Ernesto Montoya
“We give patients a high level of self-confidence with show-stopping smiles.” Dr. Ernesto Montoya



Years of Experience



Speaks English Fluently

Career highlights

  • Double master's degree
  • Instructor in fixed prosthetics
  • Performed 2000+ full mouth restorations
  • Top of the class in Prosthodontics

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About Dr. Ernesto Montoya

With a dual master’s degree in integrated dentistry and oral implantology, Dr. Ernesto is highly qualified to complete the fixed teeth / bridge portion of your All on 4 procedure. As a top Prosthodontist in Mexico, he has extensive experience in full mouth restoration using fixed bridges, implant dentures, and crowns.

With a tremendous passion for patient care and personalized smile, Dr. Ernesto customizes your new teeth to your unique facial features. Dr. Ernesto, just like Dr. Rubio and Dr. Cesar, travel around the world including the U.S. to keep himself up-to-date with the latest techniques in Prosthodontics.

Yes, you save tremendously by going to Mexico for All on 4. But, Dr. Ernesto uses only top brands to ensure that you’ll have the winning smile that you deserve.

Ask the doctor

What is unique about your practice?

Most practices just have a do-it-all general dentist or specialist. You get mediocre results.

At our practice, you get a team of top specialists working together in one practice. Dr. Rubio (implant specialist), Dr. Cesar (periodontist) and I (prosthodontist) have worked together for more than 12 years. This multi-specialty approach and solid experience together give us an edge in delivering superior precision and beautiful smiles.

How do you define successful results?

My goal is to deliver show-stopping smiles that last a lifetime. Many dentists care only about the superficial aspects of All on 4 restoration. You don’t notice problems until after a few years.

We ensure that your work is done properly on things you don’t see, the foundations of your teeth restoration. Many of these elements can be seen only through X-rays or by a trained professional. Are the implants installed correctly? Do they have enough bone integration? Does your permanent bridge balance your occlusion? Are the dental implants top brands or generic? If done improperly, you risk losing the implants or having TMJ issues in the future.

Ethical and honest dentists focus on both the aesthetics and the foundations of your teeth to ensure long term success.

Why should I get my All on 4 procedure with you ?

With All on 4, sometimes referred to as teeth-in-day, you get what you pay for. That’s why not all dental practices in Los Algodones are the same.

In our practice, we use only top implant brands. Your final fixed bridge is created by top laboratory technicians in Mexico. We use the latest techniques from our U.S. training to deliver perfect results.

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