Los Algodones

Top Dental Tourism Destination. Located at the border of California, Arizona and Mexico, Los Algodones is the premier dental tourism destination in North America. It has been called the dental capital of the world, where more than 250 dentists practice in one square mile. It’s a popular and safe destination for Americans and Canadians seeking affordable dentistry in Mexico, such as All on 4 dental implants.

Convenient. The practice is convenient – just 2 blocks across the border. You just park your car on the US side of the border. Once across, you can also have an exclusive vehicle pick you up and take you to the dental practice.

Accessible. Los Algodones is also accessible to major airports. It’s within driving distance, just 2.5 hours from San Diego International airport and 3 hours from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Many visitors also fly to Yuma International Airport, which is only 15 minutes from Los Algodones.

Hassle-Free. The most difficult part is choosing the right specialist for your All on 4 procedure. Enter Dayo Dental. We only send you to Los Algodones’ top 5% dentists. We manage your appointments, recommend resorts to stay at our corporate rate, and arrange payment options. We even have free transportation from Phoenix to Los Algodones exclusively for Dayo Dental clients.

Call Dayo Dental. Planning your All on 4 dental trip to Los Algodones, Mexico couldn’t be easier with Dayo Dental’s staff. Just call us at 877-987-3296.

Other top things to do:

  • Sip a margarita and eat authentic Mexican food in between appointments
  • Buy affordable prescription meds to bring back to the US
  • Purchase low-cost prescription eyeglasses with a free eye exam
  • Soak up the sun at Quechan Casino and Resort, just one mile from Los Algodones on the US side
  • Take a getaway trip to San Diego beaches and famous attractions just 2.5 hours away.
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